Mill Valley, Chapel Hill

2720 Sq Ft- design by Alicia Ravetto

Carolina Country Builders won the National Energy Value Housing 2005 Silver Award Moderate Climate from the NAHB Research Center for this home.

This was the first home were our company used the Superior Walls basement product. Also installed for the first time was a slab insulation material impregnated with borates to inhibit termite intrusion. The main floor cantilevers over the basement windows to provide correct shading for preventing solar gain during the summer for these south elevation windows. The attic was insulated with R-38 cellulose and a radiant barrier was installed on the bottom sides of the rafters to promote cooler interior temperatures during the warmer months of the year. Solar hot water panels were also installed as part of this project. This home was awarded Energy Star 5+ certification with a HERS rating of 91.5.