Chicken Bridge


Size/Scope  – 310 sq. ft added over 1200 sq. ft renovated
Completed 2012
Design:  Alicia Ravetto Architect, PA

The homeowners of this home overlooking the Haw River wanted better views of the river, a garage turned into 2 studios, a gallery, kitchen renovation, screen porch and more.  While some square footage was added to the home a majority of the work was renovation and energy up-fit.  Following the green requirements of the design, a new geothermal HVAC system was installed and where ducts were not possible a mini split HVAC system was used.  The work also included a sealed crawl space, energy star appliances, LED lighting, a efficient and sealed wood burning fireplace.  As possible, the renovated and added spaces were made more air tight, were better insulated than the existing home, and windows were installed using more up to date techniques.