what we do

From our beginning in late 1985, our primary goal has been to promote the design and construction of quality passive solar / energy efficient projects in a variety of styles, costs, and settings.

To date nearly all of our new home projects and most of our additions have been designed and built utilizing green building methods and passive solar features as possible. Since our beginning we have consistently remained on the leading edge of technology promoting environmentally appropriate construction.


Paul Konove has been designing projects for the company since the beginning. Approximately two thirds of the homes and additions built since that time have been designed in-house.  Passive solar and green building strategies are integral to the design process.

Completed plans are developed in a few different ways.  Sometimes rough floor plans are brought in for consideration and then refined and developed. Other times people have particular ideas of what they want but need a designer to facilitate the process and work out the details. The final way plans are developed is to take the general thoughts and interests expressed and then to develop – typically 2 concepts – which are then often melded together to provide a plan that works.

Although the designs over the years have varied depending upon individual desires, personally Paul leans towards NC vernacular, craftsman / cottage, post and beam with contemporary aesthetics.

The homes we design and/or built not only focus on green building methods but also focus on the varied aesthetic interests of our clients including custom detailing. Visit the new homes page to learn more about our designs and to view images and descriptions of our completed projects.

Design work in recent years has been in collaboration with my wife Alicia Ravetto.  More information may be bound on her website for Alicia Ravetto Architect PA: http://www.aliciaravettoarchitect.com/ 

 Pons-found-wall8aGreen Building Construction

At the end of 2019 Carolina Country Builders transitioned to provide only design services and construction consultation.

Paul Konove has a wealth of experience in green building from the early 1990’s when CCBCCI expanded its work on solar homes to include all aspects of green building. Starting in 1994 through 1997 the company applied and received approval to participate in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Exemplary Buildings Program. The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association NCSEA (formally the NC Solar Energy Association) and the North Carolina Solar Center have featured Carolina Country Builders’ homes on many of their solar home tours. Two of the nine home plans included in the 1999 publication of A Guide to Building & Planning Solar Homes – Solar Homes for North Carolina II, published by The NC Solar Center through the NC Department of Commerce were designed and built by Carolina Country Builders.

In 2005 Carolina Country Builders won Silver winner NAHB Research Center Energy Value Housing Award (EVHA) – Custom home / moderate climate category a national award that recognizes home design – construction strategies and business practices and relationships of companies.

Since that time, Paul Konove has worked to keep the company as a leader in green building in Orange, Durham and Chatham counties.

What people are saying

"As artists, we wanted a high level of craftsmanship in the execution of our architectural plans, with sensitivity to the smallest details. We were eager to use environmentally sound and energy saving methods throughout, but we needed advice from an acknowledged expert."
- Diane Pettus

2005EVHAaward2005 Silver Winner
NAHB Research Center
Energy Value Housing Award (EVHA)