Redbud #1, Pittsboro


first floor plan

second floor plan

basement plan

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1665 Sq Ft – Completed 1996

Energy analysis and monitoring of this home was completed in conjunction with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Exemplary Home Program.

This home was built on what is normally considered a less then perfect site for optimizing solar energy. Careful design and grading provides passive solar gain for both the main living area and for a walk out basement. The home has 2×6 exterior walls with ¾” Styrofoam on the exterior for an R value of 22.75. Radiant barrier is installed on the roof and local eastern cypress is installed for siding. An exterior on demand hot water heater is installed. There is a decorative slab in much of the first floor with a portion that has decorative wood inlaid, or is scored to provide a nice detail. The home also has solar hot water and a 1.5 KW solar electric system.