22 stages of the design & construction process

A semi-scientific psychological survey depicting stress and pleasure during construction and beyond in your new green built home.


22 stages:

  1. Buying the land or older home
  2. Ownership settles in / no change on the land or at the house
  3. Deciding to build or renovate stage
  4. The design process begins
  5. Cost of the project
  6. Determined resolve to build
  7. Signing the contract
  8. Breaking ground
  9. Construction realities (the unplanned events /costs)
  10. The continued ups and downs of the building process
  11. Bank draws
  12. The initial subcontractor stage
  13. Changes
  14. Conclusion of the initial subcontractor
  15. Trim phase
    15a. Bank draw
  16. Hectic phase
  17. Final subcontractor phase
  18. Construction ends
  19. Closing
  20. Packing – moving
    20a. Moving – unpacking
  21. Final punch list items are completed
  22. House chores (landscaping/the never-ending maintenance — the joy of it all
    22a. Experiencing your first ice storm/hurricane power outage in your new solar home
What people are saying

"As artists, we wanted a high level of craftsmanship in the execution of our architectural plans, with sensitivity to the smallest details. We were eager to use environmentally sound and energy saving methods throughout, but we needed advice from an acknowledged expert."
- Diane Pettus

2005EVHAaward2005 Silver Winner
NAHB Research Center
Energy Value Housing Award (EVHA)