Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Carolina Country Builders different from other “green” builders?

The short answer is our company has unique longevity in the field, broad design and construction experience, technical background, and a history of solar/green activism and education.

In 1985 when Carolina Country Builders started, the founder already had over 7 years experience in constructing solar energy homes, additions, and solar hot water and air systems.  The company first broadened its solar homes experience into the field of green building with a project completed in 1991.

Since that time, we have incorporated many green building practices (and materials) into our normal design and build business earlier then other area builders.  Throughout the history of the company, we have educated, and trained both construction professionals and the general public with national, state and local organizations.  We have promoted green building in regional associations and have provided testimony regarding green building attributes on both national and state levels.

Do you build with (AAC block, ICF’s, SIP’s, geothermal HVAC, radiant floor heating…)?

Because of our technical and experiential background in green building Carolina Country Builders works with many types of green building products and strategies. All of our projects are custom designed and built.  This means whether they are designed in house or by others, we will build the home or addition that best suits our client’s priorities, aesthetics, and budget.

 How long is the process of designing and building a custom home?

The design process, and the timeframe of building a custom home, are on average about a year (or a little less), respectively.  This being said, the amount of time it takes in both instances, is directly related to a number of factors, including but not limited to complexity of design, material choice, budget, decision making, …..

 As a Design/Build company, do you only build the homes you design?

No.  Historically, although more than half of our projects have been designed by Paul Konove, in the last few years, Alicia Ravetto, of Alicia Ravetto Architect PA has designed a number of our projects, including some designs that were developed working together with Paul Konove.  However, Carolina Country Builders has built and will build designs by other architects, or from modified home plans.

 Do you only build new homes or do you do additions/renovations?

The company’s primary business is building new homes, but over the years we have worked on a number of additions that include some renovation work as well. As with our main focus of building green homes that use passive solar design and extensive green building features, the additions that we have been involved with have similar attributes.